Dharma Internet Cafe Management is a cross platform (Linux, Win32, Mac OsX) client-server internet cafe system written in RealBasic. Features include timing/billing, client management, membership, point of sale and reports. This project aim to ease administration of an internet cafe.
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v=0.1.0 (Alpha)

# Change client identification back to IPAddress.
# Add features: client setup from server.
# Add field [level] to table employees
# Check UserLogin (admin or employee). Employee can be enabled to setup server options
# Client
- Bugs Fixed: admin login.
- Bugs fixed: when a session stop from client, the last session bill info still 0.


# Bugs fixed: time counter and billing for registered members.
# Bugs fixed: when server not started, clicking on lstMoniter cause an error nilobject
# Add Modules contain reusable method or property to simplify several routines in application


# Some features added :

- Apply reference to whole routines in application
- Apply time counter and billing for registered members with all of its options.

- Fullscreen window
- Preference setting, consist of server_ip, server_port, client_name, admin_user, admin_password
- New window for chat, admin and time-billing
- Option for member and nonmember login.
- Datasend : identifier, client_name, LocalAddress, Membername, Password
- UsersOnline class that used to save the online user in network chat


# Preference bugs fixed
# Some features added :
- Membership management: Recording members to database, update and remove


# Bugs Fixed.
# Some features added :
- Preference Container to put and get Options (external file)
Setting for the server.
@ Setup -> Options -> Server :
- hide_stats_from_empl = boolean
- enable_login_notcharged = boolean
- empl_close_server = boolean
- server_port = integer
@ Setup -> Options -> Client :
- notify_client_1mnt = boolean
- notify_client_5mnt = boolean
@ Setup -> Options -> Report :
- send_report_eachday = string
- calculate_previous_hour = string
- smtp_server = string
- email_address = string
- email_username = string
- email_password = string
@ Setup -> Options -> banner ads :
- banner_url
- Add some button action in statistics
- add forgotten action on btn Employees setup apply


# Modification :
- Change some routines on wMain Open events to each pagePanel click to avoid
initial heavy loading on wMain

# Some features added :
- Calendar class.
- Statistic Report table (All time).
- Statistic Report by Periode.
- Statistic Report by Year, Month
- Preference Container to put and get Options (external file)
Setting for the server.


# bugs fix :
server: if client connected, updating clients list affect an error to listbox
monitor (lstMonitor).
# Some features added :
- Point of sale setup
- Point of Sale management.
- Total payment (Internet + Point of sale)
- Recording point of sale item bought by clients.
- Recording total payment to database.
- Change database to mySql


# clientTimer bugs fixed.
# ListBox Monitor on Selected Change bugs fixed.
# Duration property of ServerUser type changed to double. It ease
to count elapsed time (duration). To change its format use GetTimeFormat
# Event Button Client Start (btnClientStart) bugs fixed: not change when
ListBox Monitor selected change after client start.
# When client-server connection built by clicking client's button start,
listbox index selected will start. listindex with equal username should have
started. Bugs fixed.


# identify client through username in order to enable more than one client for local testing.
# clientTimer index using subclass, enable multiple client time counter.